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In fact, very few people want to work overtime and business owners also do not want their employees to extend their working time.The company has to pay overtime and some surcharges. The overtime will affect the health and productivity of employees.

Here are the reasons why businesses and employees have to work overtime and solution to reduce overtime

1.Too much work

Currently, the reason people work overtime is that working hours are not enough for them to complete their work. At that time, we will ask a question why do they have so many things to do? Having a project or a large shipment is not a problem when they work overtime. But these problems frequently occur, there is a certain knot here. At this point, the manager must review the employee’s job description whether the labor productivity of the job was built incorrectly and whether they need additional resources. Or is the employee distracted and distracted from his work.

Solution: Managers should sit down with workers to review projects (by reviewing their time sheets or projects) and which tasks lead workers to work overtime. After this analysis, supervisors and employees can collaborate on how to reassess activities, assign tasks to other team mates or find additional resources. You should use HR management software to take the best measures.

2.There are too many meetings

Meetings will help members in a specific understanding of the work in progress. However, there are too many meetings, long and continuous meetings that consume a lot of time for everyone and among those meetings there are unnecessary meetings. These meetings take a lot of the working hours of the workers, leaving only the evening and late nights to complete the work.

Solution: Carefully review all meetings about its necessity, only invite key people for each meeting and also confirm the role of each person in the meeting. Clearly plan the meeting, start on time and finish early. Taking notes after the meeting so everyone is responsible for the next steps / actions and the project continues to go smoothly.

3. Loss of concentration at work

Today’s offices are designed in an open and inspiring way for employees. However, it is also a double-handed delivery. Open office environment makes it easier to communicate, collaborate and support each other. Create solidarity among people in the business. But it has a problem, there is a lot of noise and distractions in the office. This can reduce employee focus and productivity during working hours and easily lead to overtime. According to research by the University of the United States, office workers are interrupted every 11 minutes and take up to 23 minutes to return to what they were doing before being interrupted.

Solution: Check your working environment carefully and see problem areas. It is possible that only certain employees need to have quieter space for the nature of their work. Companies must understand that they need to provide both open and closed work environments.

4. Striver syndrome

Sometimes, working overtime is a way to express. Employees can compete for a raise or a promotion and spend more time working than their peers. It’s great that the person is very enthusiastic, but it’s bad that they work overtime as a way to try to get promotion at the company.

Solution: Supervisors should recognize and applaud hard-working employees but remind them that quality is important, that an efficient, stress-free employee is the best. Also, focus on developing a solid group culture where colleagues are recognized and valued based on a result-oriented environment, rather than on work hours. Above all, you want your employees to be happy and not exhausted.

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