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Why does internal solidarity?

1. Internal solidarity within the enterprise create a solid foundation and a great team. Only internal solidarity can compete with competitor.

2. When everything is transparent, the justice will exist, then the staff will not have jealousy, and they will stand beside together to perform the tasks.

The problem that big businesses are facing.

1. The departments that do not see each other’s work the results in work delays and inaccurate information.

2. The number of large workers should be resolved according to the law without thorough investigation leading to frustration, defamation causing internal divisions.

3. When data is a difference between the departments, the staff often have the phenomenon of mutual blame causing internal divisions.

4. The policy does not publish clearly.

5. 80% of the problems of disunity are from remuneration, overtime and employee policies.

The Solution

1. ISOL HR management software displays the result of timesheet, overtime for each staff.

2. When there are complaints about timesheet, salaries can be coordinated to look back and resolve subordinate errors before bringing the issue to the HR department.

3. When there is a problem, the software will help to find out error and only specific error to adjust it and next time solve the problem of salary, daily, monthly.

4.It is necessary to have a system to record the history of each operation and to communicate with each other so that when anybody is slow or do wrong with the regulations – such as late time, closing the number of meal tickets after 9 am or registering overtime after 3 pm – it will help to be clear who is not complying with the regulations, and the HR management software will make the blame no longer happen and the employee’s consciousness will be better when there is an objective and honest monitoring system below.

5.When businesses apply HR management software, the HR department will have time to focus their expertise on employee policies and human issues to make the relationship between employees better, increase communication between managers and workers, that is not just communicate through complaints and disputes. Since then, internal will be more solidarity, businesses are growing.

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