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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a resource management system, a modern management system, an effective management tool for leaders by IT.a trend that companies must apply if you want your business to grow quickly and integrate globally. Towards employees who directly work with the system, ERP is a support tool for them to complete their work quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise: using software system to use enterprise resources in the most effective way.

Resource: Enterprise resources include: Human resources, finance, information, technology, machinery, equipment and partners.

Planning: Staff of interactive exchange departments together handle work that happens regularly the daily.

ERP is a system that connects all operations of departments in Enterprise together. Therefore, Enterprise can make the most resources.



  • Human resource optimization.

Managing employees in large numbers is not easy, especially for large companies, manufacturing companies with many shifts, companies with many branches. Tracking information, checking and evaluating competencies, checking the level of work completion, working time, payroll … are always an obsession of HR staff.

The data of each department and branch is heterogeneous, because the branch offices work discrete, not following a certain process. Since then it is very difficult for managers to want to evaluate and develop a plan …

ISOL’s enterprise management software will help businesses solve these difficult issues, the management will become easier, data collected quickly and accurately. Staff focus on more expertise. On the other hand, it helps managers gain an overview of the company’s production and business situation, thereby drawing out development strategies for the company.

  • Strict control of the process from the time of receipt of goods until delivery of goods.

All data and information from the ERP software that ISOL brings are very accurate and consistent across departments, the data is updated continuously and is always ready to export the summary report file. Therefore, businesses can fully control the status of orders, raw materials, labor, warehouses … until goods delivered to customers.

  • Inventory management, storage time for businesses.

Unlike retailer and wholesaler inventory management, inventory is the entire range of items that are ready to sell, inventories of a manufacturing company will include merchandise in stages. Manufacturing ranges from raw materials to products ready for delivery to customers. That is why manufacturers’ balance sheets divide inventories into categories.

A manufacturer relies on inventory to fulfill orders for their customers. Therefore, inventory management plays a very important role. Listed below are some of the benefits of good inventory management:

  • Demand forecast 

Demand forecasting is needed for any business. For a manufacturer, there is enough inventory on hand to meet demand. If a manufacturer fails to forecast demand and places too little inventory, then it will face the possibility of losing customers to competitors. A late order may result in higher costs, as supplier prices increase due to increased demand; This is another way that producers increase production costs. If the manufacturer overestimates the demand and orders too much inventory, it is likely that the inventory is unused and may incur additional storage costs. If manufacturers use perishable inventories, there is a risk of losing money on damaged unfinished goods.

  • Help with planning

Inventory is a big asset of a company that helps a company carry out its tasks. Planning is an important task to help manufacturing companies stay on budget. Keeping accurate inventory budgets helps determine data so manufacturers can plan how to serve certain customers by knowing which inventory is on hand and when to order new inventory. . Planning helps to look at inventory data and allows you to understand trends to make more informed decisions about inventory reorganization. Inventory management is important for stakeholders and important investors need to see specific plans for production.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and service

Good inventory management means that when customers ask about certain items, manufacturers will be able to quickly determine the ability to fulfill orders. This allows for quick response time for queries and customers who have a better impression of the business and are less likely to reach your competitors. Well-organized inventory management leads manufacturers to know exactly which products are available to serve customers more effectively, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Cost control

Sometimes manufacturers may face unnecessary costs due to poor inventory management. For example, if the demand for additional products immediately, manufacturers may face huge costs to accelerate freight. This can be minimized with accurate inventory management that helps reduce supply chain errors. Moreover, good inventory management can help show profit margins that help manufacturers assess their costs and adjust if necessary.

  • Increase the efficiency of the manufacturer

Accurate inventory management can help increase the overall efficiency of the manufacturer. Employees can spend their time on other tasks instead of trying to locate certain products. At the same time, the alert level can remind employees when the product is at an alarming level.

  • Endless database resources help control quality, improve productivity more effectively.

ERP solution provides administrators with a series of reports from departments quickly and accurately. Help administrators to grasp multi-dimensionally all business activities to make decisions for each stage, strategic planning for business development.



  • Human resouces department

Automated systems so HR managers reduce the time spent on data entry tasks. The change of personnel profile information is made easy.

Helping HR managers to accurately grasp workers ‘labor, status of early dismissal, authorized leave / unauthorized leave of work to support the evaluation of workers’ labor consciousness. Help HR staff make reports quickly.

  • Production room

Based on the data that the connection system will create a production plan to help balance production plans at the same time, calculate the exact demand for raw materials needed for production. From there, making purchase orders close to the most practical needs helps accelerate the purchase schedule for production.

Managing the entire production process according to the quality management system, safety, economical, productivity, quality, efficiency by automating the production order, information management of production stages , tracking the progress of completing the production plan within the required time.

  • Business Department

– Manage records of all customers and prices on the customer base management system. So when searching data easily and quickly.
– Manage sales invoices, status of CPOs and delivery schedules of orders.

– Integrated information system of the departments helps the sales department to know the most accurate information and advice for customers.

– Making reports quickly thanks to the automated data retrieval system, helping sales staff focus on their expertise.

  • Purchasing Department

– Easy and fast purchase planning: because the system links the data with the warehouse and the production and sales department, the purchasing department is based on the quantity of goods sold, the amount of inventory and the quantity of goods to be produced. to proactively calculate the most optimal purchase plan.

– Centralized purchase order: easily gather purchase requests from departments to plan centralized orders, avoid material distribution shortcomings affecting the operation of the departments in need goods, reducing overall operational efficiency.

– Keep track of the quality of raw materials and products and make better choices for suppliers: With defective products, need to return or inconvenience customers can save to the system, help the purchasing department to consolidate supplier errors to make more accurate purchasing decisions, select reputable suppliers, ensure input product quality, and support quick production processes.

– Closely monitoring liabilities: supporting timely and accurate payment of debts to increase reputation with suppliers, creating long-term business goodwill, minimizing expenses in the process of finding suppliers good level.

  • Parts warehouse

ERP software helps control how much stock is in stock, where it is, how the current material situation is. This helps businesses reduce the material they contain in the warehouse, only when necessary, to import more. All will help reduce warehouse management costs, reduce the number of people needed, speed up work.

  • Financial Accounting

 – ERP software will automatically synthesize information from the sections and departments in accordance with the requirements of accounting, ensuring accurate data and limiting errors. ERP can also support the creation of financial statements quickly …

– Inheriting data arising from all other departments, thereby making receipts, expenditures, summarizing debts, reducing data entry time; while ensuring accurate results as the data is aggregated in real time.

– Easily find errors thanks to the system of historical data storage.

– Meeting the immediate financial needs for production and business activities such as purchasing raw materials, supplies, production equipment, paying labor and expenses for other supporting activities, ensuring consistency and transparency due to the supervision of key and decentralized factors in the system; thus also ensuring business secrets; promote the progress of the departments due to the integrated review process in the system, fast review due to the sufficient reports and summaries necessary to support decision-making.

– Prepare financial analysis reports quickly, helping businesses have a comprehensive view of activities in a certain period, helping to adjust the strategy to the company’s direction in each specific condition.

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