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Services & Support

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  • Implementation consultants
  • Support training and technology transfer
  • Upgrade, expand software features
  • Warranty / Maintenance

ISOL sees products as the soul of the business Therefore, always pay attention to the support services for customers to take care of, preserve and help their spiritual children to operate well and bring maximum value to customers.

Implementation consultants

      With an experienced team who have implemented ERP software in large companies, especially manufacturing companies, ISOL will bring businesses software products that meet the requirements, low cost, support. fast and enthusiastic support when problems arise that bring high efficiency in production and business activities for businesses.

        Implementation consultancy process: ISOL’s Business Analyst (BA) will come to the business:

      + Learn about the management model, operational mechanism and operations of the business

      + Exploiting the requirements, analysis and advice appropriate solutions for businesses

      + Confirm the request from the business, make a deployment plan table

      + Making quotes and signing software deployment contracts

Support training and technology transfer

     – Installing and deploying software programs

     – Provide user documentation

     – Training and technology transfer

     Customer support and BA will work directly at the business for the first 2 months when deploying the software program, ensuring the system is put into operation quickly and efficiently.

     Providing documents and guidance for employees of the enterprise to approach and use proficiency in the program.

     During the implementation of the program, the support department and the BA continue to receive opinions, adjust the software to get a software product that best suits the reality of the business.

Upgrade, expand software features

      ISOL designed the software in an open trend, so it is easy to expand and upgrade new features without affecting the overall design of the program.

In the process of using the software, if the business requires a feature upgrade, expanding the ISOl software will send BA to the enterprise to directly exploit the requirements, advise appropriate solutions, make a quote. and plans to deploy and upgrade software.

     Consultancy process for upgrading software features:

         + BA will come to work directly with businesses to capture new needs

       + Analyzing new requirements, checking with old ones to ensure the features are not duplicated on requirements

         + Advice to give suitable solutions

         + Make a plan to deploy new features

         + Quotation and signing additional contracts

         + Install new features added to the software system

         + Provide documents, training and user manuals for employees

         + Warranty, maintenance features have just been upgraded

Warranty and maintenance

       After the software has been installed and put into operation, ISOL will carry out the software warranty with the following tasks:

           + Ensure the program is continuous operation,

           + Fix problems due to program errors,

           + Upgrade more features to suit business activities.

           + Fix external issues affecting software such as viruses, data loss …

     The warranty period is 18 months from the time the software is installed and put into operation

Forms of warranty and maintenance

       + For businesses nearby, less than 20km away from the company office, ISOL will send employees to troubleshoot the day after receiving information from the business.

          + For businesses far away, ISOL will send employees directly to work but ensure no more than 02 days after receiving information from the business.

      + For simple incidents, ISOL will have employees to respond immediately via phone, Skype, Zalo, TeamViewer … when receiving information from the business.

       + For especially serious incidents that ISOL personnel arrive at, but still cannot solve, ISOL will have specific documents on incident information, solutions and fastest time to ensure the system is guaranteed. The re-operation does not affect the operation situation of the enterprise.

       At the end of the 18-month warranty period, if you want ISOL to continue the maintenance of the system, a maintenance contract will be signed. Maintenance work will also be performed as system warranty.

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